Kopa Cabana Club 2004

New Year's Eve BBQ - 31 Dec 2004
Anil's Birthday - 1 Jan 2004
Jeya's Birthday Do - 20 Jan 2004
Mark's Birthday Party - 27 April 2004
Every Dog Has It's Day...
Sipadan 06/04
Phuket 10/04
Koon Pek's Birthday Dinner - 18 Dec 2004
OPS Genting - 4 May 2004
2004 Weddings
Hanny's Birthday - 24 July 2004
Mei Ping's Birthday Day Dinner - 15 Aug 2004
Maldives 2004
The main purpose of this site is to capture all or at least most of the events which took place in the year 2004.
I apologise if I have missed out other significant events which took place e.g. OPS Ketam, OPS Tulen etc...I only created the sites which I have pictures for.
Unfortunately I am unable to upload as many pictures as I want to as this free site has its limitations.

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